Science Sundays

Fizzy Fun

Kids will have lots of fizzing fun in this class that explores acids and bases.  We’ll be focused on the underlying science while making things fizz, pop, bubble and foam. Everyone goes home with some fizzy fun for the tub.


January 17 1-2 PM

Soapy Science

Kids will learn all about soap and how it works to kill germs and keep them clean and safe.  Using melt & pour soap we will craft individual soaps to take home.


Feb 7 1-2 PM

Bursting Bubbles

Bubble Soap, Bubble Baths, Blowing Bubbles, this class has it all. Kids will learn all about the science of bubbles while having good clean fun. Kids will make solid bubble bath bars to take home and enjoy.


March 28   1-2 PM

Science Escape Room

Solve the puzzles to escape the room. Kids will need to work together to be successful, and they may learn some science along the way.


April 25   1-2 PM

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