green-leaf-imageWe are often asked if our products are natural. And although we’d love to give a simple answer, current regulations make that impossible. The Food and Drug Administration regulates the labeling of cosmetics, and they have not regulated the use of the term. Which means a company can put a natural label on anything and define natural any way that they want.

To make it easier for our customers to understand, we have come up with our own system for identifying how natural our products are – meet the Green Leaf! Each product on our web site will now have 1, 2 or 3 Green Leaves in the product description, so you can easily evaluate what you are buying.  Here is how we define each leaf:

  1. This product contains a mix of both natural ingredients and safe synthetics. For example, natural oils and butters, but may also have colorants, fragrance and preservatives.
  2. 95%-98% Natural ingredients, but may contain synthetics like color, fragrance, or flavor.
  3. This product contains only natural ingredients and plant essential oils for fragrance.

Natural ingredients are defined (by us), as ingredients that come from animals, like beeswax or honey or milk, plants like olive and coconut oil, or the earth (pumice, clay, etc). It also includes lab-created ingredients that are identical at the molecular level to natural ingredients, such as Sodium Hydroxide.

We sincerely hope that these definitions help you to make the best choices for yourself and your family.