Crazy for Bath Bombs

Are you suddenly noticing that bath bombs are everywhere?  These fizzy treats can turn an ordinary bath into a fun and luxurious experience. But what is the difference between a $1 bomb and an $8 bomb? It’s all about the ingredients.

Inexpensive bath bombs are made of baking soda and citric acid, to make them fizz in the tub. Add some fragrance, and you have a bath bomb. They may also contain some filler, like cornstarch, which really doesn’t do anything except add bulk.

If you are looking for a bath bomb that actually benefits your skin, you need to look for the addition of nourishing oils like Almond and Avocado or butters like Mango and Shea. These bombs will do more than just smell good, they will condition your skin, leaving it soft and silky when you get out of the tub.  Other ingredients like botanicals, Epsom salts and essential oils can also contribute to a bath that does more than fizz.

If you like a bubble bath, look for bombs that contain Lathanol, a gentle and safe foaming agent that will give your bath both bubbles and fizz.

Be aware that some bath bombs contain colorants that can stain the tub.  Look for bath bombs that contain Polysorbate 80, which helps to disperse oils and colors to prevent this problem. It’s also a really good idea to thoroughly clean your tub before your bath, as colors can stick to any soapy residue.

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