A Peek into our Studio

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Interested in how we do things here? Want to know how your favorite products are made? We are starting a new series of posts that will give you a little glimpse into our operations.

This time we are creating some of our popular Aqua Crystal Home Fragrance Jars. The most common question customers have about these is “What is it ?”. It is a polyacrylate crystal, that swells when it comes in contact with liquids. The crystals hold onto the liquids, then, when exposed to air, the liquid evaporates very slowly.  This makes the jars very long-lasting, as long as you add water when needed. If the crystals dry out completely, the remaining fragrance evaporates very quickly, and the scent will be gone.

Blog1-FragJar1Color is added to the water in the jar first. Colors will lighten up considerably as the crystals absorb the liquid, so we make them a bit darker than we want the final result to be.
DSC_0073Next, fragrance oil is added. We use the best quality oils available, so you get a strongly scented jar that lasts a long time. Everything is precisely weighed, so our jars are consistently high-quality.


After everything is mixed, the crystals are added to the jars. Once they are thoroughly mixed, the jars need to sit until the crystals absorb all of the available liquid.


After putting on a lid and a label, the final step is getting a great photo by Rob Andrew Photography!

Hope you enjoyed this little look into our operations. Next we’ll show you how some of our soaps are made. Stay tuned.


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