Unique, Michigan-themed bath & body products, plus the best handcrafted soap you can buy . Available exclusively at MOD Market in Northville, a socially-conscious non-profit we are proud to support.

Soapmaking classes, business classes, and bath & body product classes for all ages. Our classes are in-person and hands-on. Everyone takes home what they make.  Come in and see why making stuff is so much more fun than just watching videos.


Sharon Czekala is a 19-year veteran in the soap and cosmetic industry.  Focused on education for herself, her customers and her students, she is a certified soapmaking teacher. In addition she holds professional certifications in Advanced Cold Process, Hot Process and Melt & Pour Soapmaking as well as Advanced Cosmetics. Sharon is a long-time member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild, and serves as Vice President of the Great Lakes Local Chapter.

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